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ELLIS FAAS - Eyeliner
ELLIS FAAS - Eyeliner

: £21.00

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For timeless, always in style, liquid lined eyes, this classic black liquid liner rapidly turns into a vibrant, unprecedented powdery finish while a high percentage of pigments results into an intense line of pure colour. And it stays until taken off with a cleanser.


  • Creates precision lines with each application
  • Extra matte for a sophisticated look
  • Intense colour beautifully defines the eyes
  • Suitable for all skin types


Load the applicator by turning the base of the pen and draw a line close to the eyelashes.


Remove some of the excess product on to the back of your hand first. Look directly into the mirror and trace a thin layer of the liner close to the upper lashline, then slowly build up the intensity and thickness to achieve your desired effect. Use cotton buds dipped into a small amount of cleanser to quickly clean up and perfect your precision line.